Fishing License Fees in Canada – For Residents & Non-Canadians

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Guide To Fishing License Fees in Canada

Step 1:

Before going ahead with fishing, you must be familiar with fishing license fees and seasons which can be different from one region to another. View here to find out the fishing license fees in Canada.

Step 2:

Compare the fishing license fees with one another to find out which one is suitable. Click here to learn more.

Step 3:

For those who want to spend more days fishing and look out for more licensed fishing sites as well as n fishing techniques, they must buy lifetime fishing license. Click here for more information.

The best thing about comparing the fees is that the more days you want to fish and check out different fishing locations, the less time you have to waste in buying different fishing licenses. So, just get started and enjoy yourself.

Fishing License Fees for Non-Canadian Residents 2022

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Fishing License Fees for Canadian Residents (Outside Ontario) 2022

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Fishing License Fees for Ontario Residents 2022

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Where To Buy a Canadian Fishing License & Outdoors Card

In Canada, a fishing license is referred to as a “fishing gear tag,” and the province or territory in which you reside determines what your tag needs to include. The fees and allowances for each tag can vary by area. Usually, only individuals over the age of 16 need to purchase a fishing license. However, certain regulations may differ between individual provinces and territories. This guide offers information on how much a fishing license costs in Canada, but always visit your local government website to confirm.